Go for the Steak, Not the Sizzle: How to Find a Network Marketing Business that Really Works


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Restaurateurs say “you sell the sizzle, not the steak.” The sizzle is usually what those seeking a home business buy only to find the steak too tough to digest. So many people try their hand at network marketing and the overwhelming majority of them fail. Yet if you listen to the people promoting the opportunities or read the books touting the millions you can make you would think that it’s easy money. It’s not. People are often introduced to network marketing by friends or family. If they do any research at all it’s generally by doing an internet search and often discovering the answers they want to find. The information you encounter online consists of people who are doing the opportunity praising it, those doing something else bashing it and still others telling you would succeed beyond your wildest dreams if only you would sign up for their training program. Listening to any of them is akin to believing the shill in a three-card-Monte game with similar results. So how can you tell if a home-business opportunity is worth pursuing or simply worthless? You determine doing a careful (and unbiased) evaluation of the company, its product or service, and the opportunity itself. The vast majority of them are not worth pursuing and some are outright scams. This book will help you sort through the clutter to find that rare opportunity that might actually work for you. The step-by-step evaluation process described here will help you choose a program that will provide you with a real chance of success, but first you have to take the blinders off.

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Richard J Warren